Starting a Classical Vinyl Music Collection

Don't have much so I'm wondering where to begin.



Check out vintage RCA Living Stereo classical (shaded dog and white dog) and Mercury Living Presence albums.  Recorded by great engineers like Lewis Layton and Robert Fine.  Recent SACDs of these records sound terrific.  Favorites of mine include Saint-Saens SYMPHONY No. 3 by the Boston Symphony/Charles Munch and Rimsky-Korsakov SCHEHERAZADE by Chicago Symphony/Fritz Reiner.  Enjoy!

In my adolescence when I caught the Classical Music bug I listened to the radio a lot and then would explore stuff that struck my fancy.  It should be easier to do this now with streaming, and much harder if one is sticking purely to vinyl as a playback medium. 
  The Music ought to be the first priority, and the playback medium second.  Once. You discover what you like,you can then seek out vinyl editions 

"I used the Ultra Sonic $6,499.99 Klaudio Cleaner with poor results"

No RCM will eliminate prior groove damage. If you can't "test play" a used LP, then it's simply  luck of the draw. There are used LP's that can look awful/superficial scuffs  but play fine or LP's that appear perfect and sound terrible. YMMV.

Depending on the stylus  profile, an LP may be noisy on a generic elliptical,yet silent on more advanced. Not always the case, but possible. 

I often find 50-60 year old Classical LP's, use the VERY LOW TECH Spin Clean and they play quite nice. I get those US cleaned and..close to absolute silence. 


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I used the Ultra Sonic $6,499.99 Klaudio Cleaner with poor results.



What @tablejockey stated is accurate. Buying used can = buying abused.

If the disc is not sealed in shrink wrap you can’t blame even the cheapest disc cleaner. 😉

If the disc is sealed in the shrink wrap, could still just as easily be poor pressing QC.