Starting a Classical Vinyl Music Collection

Don't have much so I'm wondering where to begin.



Vinyl LP cleaning- the best is ultrasonic cleaners. The lowest price RCM, without looking like a home project, is Kirmus but is labor intensive. For automatic RCM there’s Degritter, Auto Desk, and KLaudio (guess they reentered the RCM market).

Bonus- if you buy a used record that was worn with a different profile stylus than yours, you may be playing the non-worn part of the used vinyl.

I tried the Spinclean the Humminguru and the $6,499.99 Klaudio Cleaner  all with zero results.  No improvement.



Can I ask why you want to start a vinyl only classical collection?

Why not just a collection of classical music regardless of format?

I love vinyl and have a large collection (of various genres), but, I  could never ignore all the incredible classical music that was composed after the 70's, and therefore was never released on vinyl. 

The thought of missing out on so much great music because it is not on vinyl, is an anathema to me.



Good point.  I'm assuming that a combination of both would be the best way to go.


I got both. Vinyl for better sonics, digital for the ease, streaming variety, and Roon to explore.