Starting a high-end audio shop... Am I crazy?

In my mid 40's reaching that mid-life crisis, which is not a myth. Many of my friends are leaving good jobs to start all kinds of wacky businesses. I am actually thinking of giving up a $120,000 yr job and starting a high-end audio retail biz - both online and hopefully later on a brick & mortar store. Have 20 years experience in sales and marketing, and/or design of software, electronics, multimedia, video and financial products including a few years in music retail and production.

Who can share their experience, or advice? Is the markup, distribution, etc of high end electronics similar to that of regular electronics? Any sources of info or pointers, tips, horror stories etc are appreciated.
Good luck in this enterprise. Living in the St. Louis area and watching as very good audio shops went under, I am not sure what works today. Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio has successfully blended retail and internet, especially with his select lines and living/working in Southern California. Walter at Underwood HiFi has developed a strong following using Audiogon and the internet and providing exceptional service, availability and modifications of equipment. The advent of cheaper Chinese equipment and pure internet sales makes the retail side very challenging. However, I love walking into shops and sitting down and listening to equipment. Whether clients end up buying becomes the real issue. Best of luck and let us know. I am always in the hunt for great audio stores!
gdoodle, i wish you the best in your noble endeavor to strive for such a cool objective>>>>>but>>>>> if you have to ask? good-luck (:>)
A very good freind of mine in that is a dealer always says. "the way to make a million dollars in the audio business is to start out with 2 million". But he is still in it and doing well. One thing he recentley did is buy a new house and is running the business out of his home. It seems to work out great. When it is slow he is at home and can do yard work, house work, etc. Also the lower overhead and he never forgets to bring an item to work with him.
Let us know how you do. Good Luck!
curious...where are you located?

and even if you ARE shouldn't let that stop you. Neither should you let sanity stop you from reaching for your dreams.