starting equiment that is cold from being shipped

Is it a real thing that you court problems if you turn on an ice cold amplifier or pre-amp without waiting 24 hours for temperature to rise.  I have long awaited Krell FPB and KCT shipping tomorrow,  It's single digits in the Midwet.  Should I wait a full 24 hours for the equipment to warm inside before introducing any electricity into the components?


Agree 100%. Living in CO cold items show up all the time. I just had a phono stage delivered, it was around 0° for a few days. Opened the box, as soon as the stage hit the warm air the outer case instantly had a bit of condensation, so internally there was moisture as well. I put items in the warmest room in the house until they feel room temp to touch. Sometimes I take off the top panel, but not always.

I always let it sit for at least 6 hours before I connect anything to it. Gives it time to get up to room temperature and remove excess humidity that may be trapped from shipping.


Take a bit of patience, but rather be safe that make an expensive error...