Starting Over

After careful consideration, I decided to start over in regards to building an office based system. The only thing I have are the Monitor Audio BX2 speakers. Room is around 14x16. The setup will include a DAC but I am not sure if I should go with an integrated amp, power amp, 2 channel receiver or another combination of items. My budget for the Amp the various options is around $1500. I plan on either going with the EE Minimax, PS Audio or Buron to name a few DAC's. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I am so overwhelmed with all the products out there with not many to actually listen to I want to be satisfied with my purchase. Thank you!
The HA-160D is a nice one box solution. Priced around $1250. The Dac section is really good,
If you want a really good 1 box solution around that price you can't beat the new Bel Canto e.One C5i DAC Intefrated Amp. This thing is amazing if you are starting out or want a 1 box solution. 2 spdif and 2 toslink inputs at 24/192, usb input @ 24/196, analog MM phono and line level RCA's and a front panel headphone jack!! Can you say speakers and a source (or your computer) for instant stereo.