State of HDCD and SACD

I am contemplating a new digital front-end and wondering if I should give preference to HDCD or SACD. It seems that you do not see these two technologies combined too often in a CDP, at least not well!

So, what I want to decide is "What has more of a future as a format?" I think both can sound excellent - that's not the question. I have a MiniMax CDP in my 2nd system that does great things with HDCD, and I previously owned a Shanling T200 that was great with SACD (and Redbook).

If I decide to put my eggs in the HDCD basket I'll probably get a Raysonic CD128. If SACD, a Marantz SA-11.

So, I would appreciate hearing takes on the respective futures of these formats. SACD has many titles available but still a drop, of course, compared to Redbook, and it seems views differed greatly on its future the last time I looked into it, about a year ago.

Would also consider other recommendations for players. Is there something there under $3K (preferably new - I don't trust used digital transports) that does HDCD and SACD and does them both well?

Thanks for the sarcasm. I appreciate the individuals that have weighed-in with their take but that is not the final word. You may recall that SACD was considered to be on its death bed two years ago and yet we have excellent products like the SA-11 being released.

I was just looking for a little more, and current, insight into the whole matter.
Well actually Paul the SA-11 is now about 2 years old as well, it was released in 2005. However, Marantz has just released the SA-7S1 as well, which also supports SACD and lists for $6999.99.

It's a shame that Sony doesn't continue to support the format, from a hardware or software end of it, as I think that is what is killing SACD. Though not technically dead yet, it is a dying format on life support.
For instance, why don't the Sony Blu-Ray DVD players also play SACD's? They play CD's, and this was Sony's format in the beginning. Sony has pulled the plug and moved on, just like they did with Beta VCR's. Without Sony's support, the format will die, IMHO.

If they keep the life-support plugged in till I myself kick off I'll be satisfied. ;-}
FWIW, I've added Sony to my 'Enemies' list.

They're at #673 at the moment following 'Jane Fonda' and 'New York Mimes'.
01-16-07: Paulfolbrecht
FWIW, I've added Sony to my 'Enemies' list.

They're at #673 at the moment following 'Jane Fonda' and 'New York Mimes'.


FWIW, Sony is much higher on my 'Enemies' list, they come in at #342, right behind 'New Coke'.