Static Electricity on Vinyl

Having static electricity on some of my vinyl records. They absorb dust and hair. How do you do to get rid of the problem?
Does Furutech Destat III Work?
I have used various versions of the Milty since 1974. A few years ago, unhappy with the Milty 3 insofar as it would not evenly remove the static from the record or would apply static if the trigger was not pressed and released in a precisely even fashion (not always easy to do), I went looking for an alternative. After reading an online review of the Destat, I purchased one. I much prefer the Destat as it works better and applies its effects more evenly than the Milty. I highly recommend it. It is worth the price difference.
If your table allows, try grounding your platter from underneath the plinth.  Try using a humidifier in the room.  If all else fails, use one of the anti-static guns.
Gruv Glide will completely cure the static issue.  Yes, I know some people are against putting coatings on their records - so be it.  I'm just letting you know.  Without getting into a debate on the safety, the audiophile sites such as Music Direct have been selling the stuff for years and I'm sure if it was harmful the audio community would know.  In any case - it does cure static.  
Curious about the Furutech, I followed the link....

.....I think I'll keep what I've got....

Nagaoka Kilavolt #103.  Bought it sometime in the mid 80's for about twice what Zerostats were going for...

Still works.  I have to remember to change the C cell in it, if only to prevent 'battery rot'....that and a carbon brush is all I've ever needed....*S**