Static noise from right speaker

It started suddenly yesterday - static noise just from the right speaker. I swapped the ICs to see if problem moves to the left one but it stays in the right speaker. Any idea what might be the problem ? 
I swapped speaker cables at the amp end
,meaning the right amp connected to the left speaker and then the noise shifted to the left.


Thanks for the reply. That makes more sense than what I must have been thinking yesterday when I posted my response. LOL, I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday.

There is one other thing you might check with the right amp. I assume the amps use an AC power IEC male inlet connector. Make sure the right channel power cord IEC female connector is plugged, pushed, all the way onto the male connector making a good electrical contact, connection. A loose AC power connection might/could cause static if any arcing is taking place caused by a loose connection. Just a thought.


I swapped between the two AC cords but the noise is still there on the right side.
thanks for the assistance.
I will contact Audionet and probably take it to a technician.