Static on turntable

Hello all!

I see there are some very smart people here who can probably give me some advice.

I've been getting into listening to vinyl.  Have a Fluance RT84 with Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.  I've upgraded to the acrylic platter.  I have also been using one of the Fluance record weights.  My receiver is a Denon AVR X2800h.  

Everything has been sounding quite great until recently.  Recently I listened to the Getz/Gilberto Acoustic Sounds reissue and it was wonderful.  As was the Dave Brubeck Time Out recording.

I had gotten a Rachmaninoff album from Warner Classics.  It was sealed.  I did notice that the record seemed extremely staticky.  I put it on the turntable and played it (after using the Fluance carbon fiber brush on it to remove static).  Very quickly I started noticing some very loud pops (almost electric sounding).  They continued throughout fairly regularly.  When I took the record off the turntable, it seemed the entire platter and turntable were now more statically charged.

Then I tried playing a brand new copy of the Miles Davis Kind of Blue UHQR from Analogue Productions.  Even this record was experiencing these loud pops.

I found that things seemed to improve when I took off the acrylic platter and washed it with a damp microfiber and then cotton cloth.

I then washed this Rachmaninoff album in my Spin Clean and it did sound better initially but soon seemed to recollect static and start popping.

Has anyone experienced such a thing?  Any solutions?  Kind of frustrating!


I have the Fluance turntable plugged into the phono input on the Denon Receiver.  I do have the ground cable connected from the turntable to the receiver as well.

I use the TEAC washi paper and notice a reduction in static.

However I live in a low static area.