Static Shock?

Hi, when the weather is colder and dry(winter) I have always experienced a nice arcing shock when I first touch my system anywhere after walking up to it(only the first touch). Has anyone a cure for this? I dread it when I must adjust something or change a disc or do anything really that has to do with touching any component. Thanks.
Yes, very simple. The air in the room you house your system in, is much to dry, solution would be to buy a humidifier.
Try getting a can of Static Guard. And spray it on the carpet in front of your system. Works for me.

Check out my response to this question dated Jan 10, 2004. Hope this clears things up.
A humidifier has saved me , the sharper image has one that is controled by a remote and keeps things stable ,plus I figure it is better for the morado veneer on my Thiel 7.2's , give it a try !
i saw a show on tv about how they make fireworks & the employee's had to touch a wood block before entering the complex to discharge any static,maybee a cool lookin hunk of wood would work for ya.