Static Shock?

Hi, when the weather is colder and dry(winter) I have always experienced a nice arcing shock when I first touch my system anywhere after walking up to it(only the first touch). Has anyone a cure for this? I dread it when I must adjust something or change a disc or do anything really that has to do with touching any component. Thanks.
Simply touching the rack first works in my system. I also remember reading somewhere that someone had a bare copper wire hooked to their rack and they slid the wire through their hand before touching the system.

As suggested earlier, a humidifier will provide significant improvement. A whole house humidifier connected into your HVAC system will help the humidity and make your home feel more comfortable.


Ground the rack and be sure to make contact with the pillars/ground,before contacting components.

Whole house humidifiers are typically installed to work with the heating side of HVAC. However, Santa Anas certainly have the ability to "dehydrate" the atmosphere, but at the same time, one would not usually be turning on the heat during such an event. In this case, perhaps a portable cool mist humidifier in your listening area would suffice.

Since we are talking about humidifiers, perhaps a brief discussion of the concept of RELATIVE humidity is in order: In simple terms, 100% relative humidity is the condition whereby the atmosphere is completely saturated for a given temperature. Any further increase in moisture results in precipitation of some form. Said a different the temperature rises, so does the atmosphere's ability to contain higher amounts of moisture; and conversely, as the temperature falls, so falls the atmosphere's ability to hold as much moisture. Hence the term, "RELATIVE humidity", because the value is relative to a given temperature.

BUT, at the typical temperatures we are comfortable keeping the inside of our homes, RELATIVE humidity at a level of 40 to 50% (optimum) should pose no danger of promoting corrosion. This level of moisture is not high, it simply is not arid. It is a level of moisture which averts static discharge, and is healthier for our upper respitory systems, without approaching humidity levels which would promote corrosion or the formation of molds and mildews. Moreover, it is the typical target humidity level for a whole house humidification system.

The bottom line is, add the humidifier, keep your doors and windows closed, and enjoy the cessation of sparks, feel more comfortable, and reside in an atmosphere which is more conducive to good health.

Hope this helps.