Staticky noise when music paused



I have a computer, using usb into dac, into powered compuer speakers (one system)...I have a 100$ dac, which uses some flimsy cord as a power cord and a 10 000$ dac. When i pause the music and turn the volume up on my powered computer speakers, when using cheapo dac there’s a staticky noise coming speakers only when internal amp turned way up and only heard within a feet or two. With the expensive dac, same noise is way more apparent even before the volume on the speakers is anywhere close to the max (thought it would be gone altogether)...shouldn’t it be the other way around?


You have confirmed it is not the DAC.

Not really, the DAC might have more gain and the noise is being amplified through the system. 

I'm thinking it must be loose connection on the back of my powered speakers. 

Hence; why post #2 had a couple of questions…

If you are not going to answer those, It is hard to conjure up methods to work out what the causal mechanism might be.