Steadywash Platform Washing Machine vibration

this coulb be a cheap solution to vibration in audio..just a thought.

Noisy and damaging washing machine vibrations could become a thing of the past, thanks to the new Steadywash(TM) vibration isolation platform. Produced by Ohio Steel Industries through a strategic partnership with inventor Seicon Limited, the Steadywash platform sits beneath a washing machine and keeps up to 95 percent of the vibration from transferring to the floor.

"We are excited to introduce a true solution to a difficult problem that many consumers have faced for a long time by offering a platform that incorporates the best vibration-reduction technology available." said Tom Martini, CEO of Ohio Steel Industries, "The Steadywash platform works with all major brands of front-load washing machines and can eliminate the need for expensive home renovations in first- and second-floor laundry rooms."

Seicon Limited develops and licenses proprietary technology for isolating and controlling vibration and shocks. Seicon developed the Steadywash platform at the request of Neil Drobny, the owner of a front-loading washing machine that vibrated so forcibly during the spin cycle that it rattled dishes in his china cabinet. Seicon then learned that front-loading washing machines often generated vibration problems ranging from keeping babies awake at night to making it impossible to watch television in adjoining rooms.

"Our patented technology virtually eliminates vibration-related problems, and the Steadywash platform will last at least as long as the washing machine," said Fred B. Miller, president and CEO of Seicon Limited. "In testing, the Steadywash platform continued to perform perfectly even after 5,000 hours of wash time."

Drobny says the Steadywash platform solved his problem. "As a result of Seicon's innovative platform design, we were able to retain our environmentally friendly front loader washer, which we otherwise would have had to sell in order to protect our house from the excessive vibration caused by the ultra high spin cycle," he said.

Front-loading washing machines clean better, are more energy efficient and use less water than conventional top-loading machines. But because they also spin faster and revolve perpendicular to the floor, some machines create noisy vibrations that can even cause structural damage to the home. In homes with first- or second-floor laundry rooms, some manufacturers recommend reinforcing laundry-room floors to combat the problem.

Existing solutions consist primarily of rubber feet or mats that eliminate only a fraction of the vibration and can undergo excessive wear. Washing machines also have been known to fall off rubber feet, causing damage to the washing machine and the floor.

At 2 3/4" high and 27" square, the Steadywash platform is much slimmer than the aesthetic pedestals that manufactures sell to raise washers and dryers off the floor.

More information about the Steadywash platform, including a list of retailers, can be found at Manufacturer's suggested pricing is $199.95. A matching dryer platform is available at a suggested price of $69.95.

About Ohio Steel Industries

Founded in 1958, Ohio Steel Industries is a Columbus, Ohio-based diversified manufacturing concern in the structural steel, metal fabrication, and plastic extrusion industries. For more information, visit

About Seicon Limited

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Seicon Limited is primarily engaged in the development, marketing and licensing of proprietary technology for isolating and controlling vibration and shocks generated by seismic and mechanical activity across a wide range of frequencies, reducing transmission by 90 percent or more. Applications range from consumer appliances, machinery, buildings, bridges and roadways to aircraft, ships and vehicles of all types.
Read the faq section where it states that machines lighter than 240lbs will not work. These types of isolation platforms are designed for a specific weight.
Well if idea is to keep vibrations from the gear rack then flip it upside down and place gear on it, surely the home weighs over 240lbs. ;)