Stealth Audio Cables - Customer Service - Seeking Your Thoughts

I have a Stealth Audio Black Magic V.20 Ethernet Cable that is 3 meters long.   It is an absolutely fantastic sounding cable.  The cable is too long and I reached out to Stealth Audio to inquire about splitting the 3 meter cable into two 1.5 meter cables which would involve Stealth Audio providing 2 new connectors.   This is Stealth Cables' (exact quote) reply,

" The retail of one Black Magic V.20 3 meter is $2,400 USD.  The retail of one BlackMagic V.20 is $1,950 USD.  For two, the total would be $3,900 USD.  The difference is $1,500 USD.  This would be the price for a splitting and getting two new cables with fresh connectors."  

In my opinion, $1,500 for splitting the cable in half and providing 2 new connectors is ridiculous.  Not more than 15 minutes of labor would be involved.  I priced the exact Telegartner brand connectors and they cost from $20 to $27 each or $74.00 for 10.  

Your thoughts?




I say do the job yourself. It would affect resale, but who cares? Resale on cables is terrible anyway.

Unfortunately, in this particular case, it's all about the mighty dollar. 

At first I thought what a terrible company, but in the end I see their point.  From their viewpoint, they are concerned about people purposely buying a long cable, dividing it up and selling the new shorter cables for a profit.

Also, they likely think a three meter ethernet cable is not too long for proper functioning in any way other than perhaps visual.

@joseph796 I agree seems unacceptable. It would be the last time I'd buy a Stealth cable. So they lost some sales and more importantly good faith. Today the Internet is very powerful hopefully they will see this thread and reconsider.

It seems a number of companies do not like to split and re-terminate cables...but they simply say that's not a service they provide and suggest you sell your old cable and buy a new/used cable in the desired length...