Stealth Dream SC


I just ordered a pair of Dream speakercable, owning the Dream Petite at this moment.

Can't find much 'user information' on this Dream. So here's my classic and predictable question: anyone heard and/or compared this Dream SC already and wants to share his/her experience ?


"Hoping for great things. Now, I'm DONE buying stereo equipment FOR E V E R ! maybe."


Congratulations on your purchase, they are awesome!
7.5 meters speaker cable???
How Stealth's Serguei made those?

I think with that length you'll never listen optimum regardless of Stealth Dream, Nordost Odin, Jomra Design products that these brands can offer.IMHO.
Actually, there's opinion that longer speaker cables with shorter interconnects to the amps sounds better than shorter speaker cables with longer interconnects.

See Mapleshade's info/catalogue, for one. I believe those guys are great at getting fantastic sound out of moderate costing equipment and cables/wires.

Maybe I'll start a thread on that topic and see what comes of it.