Stealth Dream V10 Power Cords

When the Dream V10 speaker cable came to market I upgraded from the prior version, and the V10 solved the Dream's issue of having very little bass relative to the rest of the audible spectrum.

I also use Dream power cords (digital, preamp, power amp) but have not upgraded to the V10. Do the V10 power cords bring the extra bass needed to balance the spectrum like the speaker cable does? If so, to what degree relative to the speaker cable?

Thanks to all for responses.
For Stealth fan's: i have to admit that the digital cable VARIDIG SEXTET ( 1.5 M. rca) goes very deep in the bass department and it is also very tight
Just to finish i must admit that the digital VARIDIG SEXTET (1.5 M. rca) cable from STEALTH goes very deep and tight in bass department unbeatable !!!
Hope this will please the numerous Stealth cable fan's
Thanks for your thoughts, guys. If/when V10 models show up used for an acceptable price I'll give them a spin. It seems like with each passing day, though, more companies are building exceptional cables at lower prices, so while I don't want to get on the merry-go-round, I may try a couple out.
Hi, I'm using DreamV10 speakercable, Varidig Sextet and Metacarbon. Due to a mistake by the seller I just received the 'poweramp' version (and not 'preamp' version) of the DreamV10 powercord as I really needed it for my preamp. What can I expect when putting the 'poweramp' powercord on my preamp? Rgds
Not only is the Stealth Sextet digicable exceptional, but the Stealth Indra IC's are among the best on the market. Very expensuive, even used, but worth every penny. Plus, among the most beautiful cables you will ever set eyes on.