Stealth Metacarbon Cables: Anyone ever hear them.

After having such great listening rewards when I put into my system the Stealth Sextet digital cable, I have been wondering what would take place sonicly if I put one Stealth Indra IC in my system.

However, this very highly acclaimed IC is also infamously priced around $6000.00 for a one meter pair! I have been reading about Stealth's new IC called the Metacarbon which is to supposed to give a very healthy dose of the Indra's performance for half the price.

So, my questions to you GON members:

1) Have any of you heard/auditioned the Metacarbon, and if so what were your opinions regarding its sonic performance?

2) I'm planning to put it between my dac and preamp to get its fullest effect on my system. If you have used the Metacarbon, has that been your experience regarding placement in your rig?

3) Any lucky members who use the Indra IC ever compare the performance of the Metacarbon to it, and if so what is your impression of this cable's performance compared to your Indra's?

Please, if any of your Gon members are nice enough to respond to these questions, don't refer me to the online reviews, Six Moons/PFO, I have read them already, I trust GON members experiences/opinions much more then the professional reviewers either on the web or print media. Thanks in advance to anyone sharing their experiences with this cable.

I have two pairs of Indras and one pair of the MetaCarbons.

I have said many times that if I had not heard the Indras, I would have had no complaints with the MetaCarbons. It is silly to even attempt to guess, but the MetaCarbon is probably 90-95% of the Indras.

The Indras seem to be slightly more extended at both the top and bottom, they are a bit clearer throughout the spectrum and the dynamics are slightly better.

Hope that helps!
Indra and Metacarbon sound remarkably similiar. In many systems they will be indistinguishable.

Disclaimer: Stealth retailer
I hope people are aware that van den Hul makes a metal-free, coaxial single-ended interconnect called The First Ultimate Mk.II using their Linear Structured Carbon fibers, a metallically-shielded version of the same called The First Metal Shield, and a non-crystalline amorphous-metal interconnect called The Integration using their Fusion Technology alloy of brass (copper/zinc) and silver. I mention this not only because vdH was first with the carbon and amorphous-metal innovations, but also because they cost a small fraction of what the Stealth models go for. Whether the vdH sound as good I couldn't say, never having heard the Stealths, but I use their LSC interconnects (including The Second XLR, a twisted-pair carbon-conductor design with a metal shield) and FT speaker cables (The Inspiration Hybrid model) in my system and haven't found anything better. Worth a listen if the (relatively) low price doesn't scare you off.
Thanks guys, this information is helpful. I have ordered a pair to audition and will report back later what happens in my system.

One more question, does the Metacarbon take along time to burn-in before it shines or does this IC sound pretty good right out of the box and just gets better with more time on it?

One quick note in that I must agree with Bill ... the similarities in the cables are much greater than any differences. They can be heard, but I do believe it would take a very resolute system to hear the relatively subtle differences.

I will need to defer on your question. I unfortunately cannot offer experience on the break-in of the MetaCarbons, as I purchased my pair second-hand. They were already broken-in. I did notice that they took about one full day of play to fully "settle-in" sonically for me.