Steam Cleaning - RCM or not?

I posted a couple of times yesterday about this over at AudioKarma, but thought I would ask here as well since Audiogon seems to be at the center of the steam cleaning information.

I tried steaming in earnest a few nights ago; I did an LP I've had for years that had had some minor mold on it, which I removed a long time ago with my RCM, but the spore pattern remained. It was gone in a minute with the steam, which I somewhat expected. What I didn't expect was how lifelike this 3rd pressing, orange-label Dynaflex LP suddenly sounded. Amazing!

My question is this; I'm really drawn to the idea of not using my 20+ year old RCM at all because of the noise, which I'm getting tired of hearing after all these years. I'd really like to be just steaming, lint-brushing with my home-made fluid I've been using a while, steaming again and wiping with a couple of microfiber cloths. That seems to work very well, except that I seem to be getting some gunk on my stylus now and again which may be lint from the cloths.

Is this a concern? I actually did this routine a couple of times to one side of an LP and then did the same thing but RCM'd and not microfibered the other side, and I would swear the non-RCM's side sounded slightly more real in each case. Sonically I'm completely okay with the cloths only, but am a little concerned about possible residue and whatever that is showing up on my needle—although my ears are telling me this is the way to go. Anybody else come to this conclusion?
Because, I swear, in addition to the noise issue, I really think I am hearing a little more space and air upon playback when I don't use the RCM. As I mentioned, I did one side each of a couple of different LPs both ways and really think I hear a slight difference for the better. I could be crazy, too. I know, I know, change the pads, right? :)
There are a couple other strings on this forum related to steam cleaning particularly the first one that will outline several iterations and methods to steam clean. Suggest you look at those too.
Buy a lazy susan. IKEA and other home stores sell them for around $10. It is basically a round wooden platform with a base made of bearings. I put a microfibre cloth on the top, drop an LP on there and spin it while steaming. Works perfectly and great for getting even coverage of steam.

You have already answered your question. I had a VPI 16.5 and sold it a while ago. I now steam and it is the way to go. I use the 90 degree attachment and just place the record on a clean towel on the counter top (like the video on youtube).

Here is why I prefer not to use the VPI machine. I will steam for a few hours and clean many records at once. I like to listen to the records while I am cleaning. Hard to do with the RCM noise but rather nice while steaming.

The Microfiber cloths work great and remove all of the water, so I do not need the RCM.
Okay...I've been steaming for about two months now, and REALLY like the sound improvment. However, I'm getting a lot of dust still on the stylus after playing an album side, something I haven't dealt with in 20 years of having an RCM. Is there a way around this - I really like just using the microfiber cloths - or should I reconsider some combination of steam and RCM? It's bad enough that sometimes the sound is distorted, as the stylus is mistracking - I assume that's slight moisture in the groove causing the gunk to cling to the stylus.