Steam cleaning records 2

Continuation of large thread.
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We owe more to Crem1 than a lot of people realize. It was a shame to see the old thread turn into a personal attack on him. A new thread may be a good idea. I continue to use my Perfection steamer without fear of the lead issue. I would like to hear of the experience others are having with other products though.(steamfast, monster, etc.)
For the price of your hair drier, or less, you could get a Perfection steamer from Walgreen's. I'm sure your method works too but the steam should be purer reguardless of what water source you use and steam will penetrate the groves even more than hot water will. It might be worth a try. Of course, there have been recent concerns over lead warnings on the Perfection steamer(mostly in the power cord?) but if you live in the modern industrialized world like the rest of us, I suspect this is the least of your worries.
There are 2 ways to resolve this lead "problem".

1)Just replace the powercord.
2) Lop off the connector, cover the whole thing with techflex using a zip tie to hold it at the steamer end. Then put a new connector on (use a Furutech or Oyiade - it will sound better) running the techflex into the strain relief. Now you have a cord that is safer, just don't chew on it!

Or you can just ignore it.
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