Steam cleaning records 2

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Readers,I recommend the McCulloch MC 1235 handheld steam Cleaner as the "Steaming Machine of the Year".

The 1235 is truly light-years ahead of all traditional water boilers. Its with 21th Century features, too many to outline here. I invite you to Google MC 1235, or purchase it from The Home Depot web site. Lightyears ahead that makes steam cleaning LPS far easier. About $48 US to your door & worth its weight in gold.

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After 6 months of thinking about it I finally took steps to start steaming. Watching stltrains' video recently is what did it. My cleaning regime is very similar on a 16.5 RCM but without the steam, like separate pickup tubes for wash and rinse, separate brushes for wash and rinse, and then two sets of all that, one for new records and one for old dirty ones. I was using two VPI mats, one for old records and one for new. I like your method better, one for the dirty side and one for the clean. And I was using Disk Doctor for old records, with garden variety distilled water to mix the cleaner with and for rinse. I used RRL fluids for new records.

So today I bought two gallons of Peak battery water, ordered a Mc 1235 steamer from Home Depot, and ordered fresh VPI mats for the RCM.

Stltrains, where do you order your Nerl water from? I found it online at Express Medical Supplies, is that where you get it?

Thanks all for the wealth of information.
Hello Jeff ss glad that you are getting those good results from steaming your lps. Here is the number to Nerl
800 556 7575.
Have a good one and enjoy your music while you can.
Crem, thanks for the update on the MC steamer, as well as the info on Peak water.