Steam cleaning records 2

Continuation of large thread.
I don't have an RCM.

With the MC1235, I squeeze the trigger a couple of times pointing it into a cup or up in the air. You can hear it go to full steam. Then I listen to the pump and pull the trigger for 2-3 cycles, let go, pull trigger, etc. When I get to the rinse I let more water come out and chase the fluid off the record.
I've been cleaning with the MC1235 for about a month now and agree a careful finger on the trigger helps but I do get sputtering at times and a little more water on the record than I'd like but not as much as some have reported. I'm using the exact method as shown on Stltrains video since it was very close to my method prior to discovering steam (multiple brushes, VPI cork mats, rinses). Thanks Stltrains for the phone number for NERL water back on 2-17. While ordering it the woman I spoke to asked if i was going to use it for record cleaning, saying they had a few such calls. I told her about your video and she was very pleased, hope you don't mind.
Forgot to mention that I get much more water when I use the angle attachment. There's probably some condensation going on. The straight one works best for me. And since I don't have an RCM I've been thinking of making a PVC contraption like the Gem Dandy. Seems ideal.
After cleaning five records using the VPI record cleaning solution I got a little dizzy and disoriented. No wise cracks please. It says on the container to have good ventilation, but I'm wondering what is in that cleaner and how dangerous is it to your health. Next time I might use a mask I use for chemical and paint fumes. George.