Steely Dan Aja cover

What is that ribbon supposed to be?  It looks like a piece of the US flag.  Is that what it's supposed to be or something else? I never understood it.  I see the profile of the face of the Japanese model, though.


Did you know that Phil Hartman, the comic actor from Saturday Night Live and News Radio Fame, was the graphic artist that created that cover?

The album cover was designed by Patricia Mitsui and Geoff Westen and according to Donald Fagen, Aja was the name of a Korean woman who married the brother of one of his high school friends. It's obviously the red and white trim of model Sayoko Yamaguchi's black robe.

@aewarren If it was that obvious, I wouldn't have posted this.  On the album cover, all I see is a whole lot of black.  I don't see a black robe at all.  After @theflattire posted the FB link, it is now clear to me, since I see the robe against a white background.   Didn't think this would turn into an "obvious" fiasco referring to nationalism and citing statutes.  UGgghhhhghgghhg