Steely Dan Catalog on UHQR Vinyl

Wow, it isn’t even my birthday!  Okay, Merry Christmas to me!!!



How many Dark Side of the Moon, Sargent Peppers,  (insert band) does one need?

Excellent 1st press runs up to "Gaucho" (least favorite album) in my collection.



I’m a bit confused. I understand these UHQR’s will be 45 RPM. But I believe there will also be standard $30 pressings of each title. I believe Ume is the label that will release these. I saw a link to what I believe to be the Steely Dan site, which shows a standard release for the debut Can’t Buy A Thrill.


I must say, I would greatly prefer these to be a standard release, with NO box. But to me, the biggest disappointment is they are not 33’s. The 45 is not a deal breaker for me, but it’s enough for me to pass on some if not all of these.

Steely Dan is my favorite band in the whole wide world, so, IMHO, there isn’t such a thing as too many. 😎

While I agree that most of the Dan catalog was well done, these are UHQR’s. Should be the penultimate of reissues. We shall see...