Steely Dan - New release / June 10th

Are there any other huge Steely Dan fans out there anxiously awaiting the new release "Everything Must Go"?

I really liked "Two Against Nature" due to the heavy jazz influence on it and I have heard two tracks from the new album. One entitled "Blue Beach" sounds very good. This should provide a nice soundtrack for the summer of '03.

I love Steely Dan and will buy the new one,downside in my opinion is that Two Against Nature was their worst release.
New Steely Dan? Bow to the Gods and embrace the wonders of music. I didn't even know about it! HELLO?

Does anyone have any idea who's playing on it besides Walter & Donald?

Hmmm... Katy Lied or Pretzel Logic? Both on VINYL....

Hell, I got to go now...........
Every Steely Dan to date has been available on vinyl. Anyone hear of a source for this new release please advise us all.
When Two Against Nature first came out I was able to find a U.K. pressing limited edition, which sounds good but has just a slight bit of noise pressed into it, not the best ie virgin vinyl I've heard. I remember when Donald Fagen's 2nd solo album came out in the early 90's and for only a very brief period you could buy U.K. LP pressings of it and then it disappeared, I'm still kicking myself for not having had picked that one up. I have all the Dan albums on vinyl, usually two copies, domestic and import, with which to compare. The best by far are the MFSL 1/2 speeds, Asia and Katy Lied. You should, with much patience, be able to buy mint import copies from japan, UK or Germany on Ebay. Just make sure they are described as 'mint' and not 'excellent'... I've been buying import pressings on ebay for 3 years now and very rarely have had a problem.