Steely Dan UHQR

There is a great interview with audio engineer Bernie Grundman on the new UHQR album "Aja". At $150 it better be amazing. He talks about how they had to modify the sound of albums in the past so they would play on crappy turntables and how this album, at 45rpm, is designed for the best turntables and cartridges. He also speaks about how the "Dan" gang wanted to use their own speakers to listen to the master and not Bernie's. (Wish he had called out the speakers) But let me ask you this, can a sound engineer with 80 year old ears (born 16 December 1943), have the hearing to engineering a UHQR album to audiophile standards......I know my hearing is shot due to what I did in my 20's with Rock n Roll sound levels....At 70, no way could my ears be trusted for such a task....


Sure are a lot of people who know how good this is or isn't who have never even heard it. 

Part of this hobby is finding the definitive version of a particular 

album. This is the definitive version of AJA

Some folks want the definitive version no matter the cost and 

some don’t. The album also won a Grammy in 1977 for Best Engineered Album of the year. 
Good luck Willy -T

Totally agree with Willy-T on this.

For many of us, back in the day, Steely Dan was the sh*t, and we didn't care how long they took to record an album, we knew it would be worth the wait.

I probably have 8 album copies of this one - various sources.

Although I've pondered buying this one for awhile, I'll probably wait and hope the price goes down.  I'm happy some have already purchased and hope they are enjoying it!    My .02 worth.