Stein Harmonizer's

The other night a dear friend and major audiophile brought by three (3) Stein Harmonizer's. We were simply stunned by how much they improved my system (Devialet 220/Harbeth 30.2's/Nordorst, Red Dawn speaker cables/Torus TOT AVR). The soundstage, clarity, dimensionality etc. were greatly enhanced.  Has anyone experienced anything similar? I was utterly incredulous until I heard the difference/improvement. 
Try the ADD-POWR Sorcer you will be amazed! I have a thread about in the Tech Talk section and Members review section.

Stein Professional harmonizer H1 (that's the unit I auditioned). They were phenomenal.  The improvement to my system was dramatic.  They are to audio systems what noise cancelling is to headphones. 
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