Stenheim Alumine 3 vs. Sonus Faber Amati G5

Anyone able to compare these two?  My electronics are Macintosh 611’s, with a C22 pre-amp and MSB front end, streaming only.  These would be my end game speakers.  Thanks for any thoughts!


If you are near New England  Fidelis in Nashua carry both brands.   They have a lot of Sonus Faber models on display.  

My Dad just picked up a pair of Elecra Amator III and they are an amazing speaker.  Tiny speaker that sounds huge.   The whole line up sounds amazing 

I've spent quite a bit if time with the Steinheims, and besides a small bit of 'bloom' in the mids (giving the a touch of warmth in that region), they are quite natural sounding.

They seemed to be very neutral in all areas (excepting the above noted), and simply got out of the way of the music.

I personally, had no problem forgetting about the speakers, and being sucked deeply into the music. 

Just another perspective but personally I'm not a Sonas Faber fan, yes very musical but just doesn't move me like a Jeff Joseph speaker does. At Axpona this year a pair of Franco Serblin Ktema speakers were one of my favorites. Went back at least 4 times and they never disappointed. Out of my price range but the sound is still in my memory. 



My Amati Traditional throw a sound stage beyond the speakers on both sides and deep behind the wall behind them. The speakers are nearly five feet from the rear wall. The speakers disappear.

It took effort to get here. I started with the speakers crossing the streams behind my head… and now pointed straight out. So, work within my space was required to get them to perform their best.


This is now my third pair of Sonus Faber… the first an experiment to prove they had the musical / natural sound I thought they did after 35 years of electrostatic and ribbon speakers. Then Olympica 3 and finally these. Each step proved more and more that the incredibly natural and musical sound was what I was looking for.


I have run out of auditions of highly detailed and horribly distorted high frequencies with my hands clasped over my ears. Music is what I want to hear, not incredible detail of the violinist in the third row moving his foot while subjecting my ears to over biased amps with all sorts of high frequency hash and distortion. I want to enjoy the music.