Step down transformer for a turntable

Are there any concerns related to the use of a step down transformer on a turntable?  I am wondering if the use of the transformer in any way diminishes the sound quality of a turntable?  I am considering buying a 100v turntable from Japan for use in USA. Would be an upgrade to my analog side. Let me know your thoughts. 


There are numerous individuals using Japanese TT's with a 100V Step Down used on the Power Supply. 

They will work just fine.

A Variac might also be considered.

When I bought my Denon DP-80 back in the late '70s, it was supplied with a Denon branded step down transformer. It worked fine.

A small decent transformer (nothing big or expensive, just avoid cheap) is all that is needed, no hum, absolutely transparent. (I use Amazon because easy return IF ...)

My only concern is to forget my JVC TT81 is 100 v, and forgetting to put the transformer in line somewhere. My memory sucks.

plugging 100v TT directly to 120v. Anyone know if that just wont work properly, or if serious to avoid as damage likely?

No problem at all.  Oversize the current or power required by 2x is all you need.

On the other hand, if it uses a separate DC power supply you may be better off just buying a local replacement.