Step-up from Node2i for native AmazonHD streaming?

Considering the Node2i, but before pulling the trigger, looking for upgrade competitors:
  • Inputs: Wifi, BT5aptxHD, TOS/Unbalanced
  • Outputs: Unbalanced, coax SPDIF
  • Must have native AmazonHD
  • Control: apps for PC/Android, remote
What else meets these minimum requirements?
The Node 2i is a great streamer value (no real competition anywhere near its price range) particularly if you connect it to a good DAC. If you want to up the performance, there are non-destructive mods that allow you to use a higher quality SMPS from ifi or a LPS (ebay has a lot of excellent reasonably priced LPS options).

If you’re set on wifi, make sure you get it from a place with a good return policy. A lot of people don’t have issues but there are also a good number of people with issues. I had to switch over to a wired connection with my 2i after suffering wireless issues (the 2i is right next to the router and no other device in my house has similar issues).

Starting a new thread, because I've realized Node2i doesn't have necessary coax input (for connection of CD player) - not enough inputs.
You may have painted yourself into a corner with all your requirements. What you’re looking for is a streaming DAC, plenty of those out there but I think what’s going to severely limit you is native Amazon HD. I’ve heard this a lot regarding Amazon HD integration. I don’t know if it’s Amazons fault, or that of the manufacturer’s, but either way it ends up with Amazon HD not playing nice with most native streaming platforms.