Step Up Transformer

I’m thinking of inserting a SUT into my system, and at this point the SKY20 from Bobs Devices seems to have it. Does anyone have experience with this SUT? It will be connected to Cadenza Black and either a McIntosh C70 or a PS Audio Stellar.


The 1254 @pindac  mentions is indeed very similar to the Sky 20. I’ve had both. The Sky might be a bit sweeter but both have that “boogie” factor and lush midrange that I think really benefits the Ortofon MC cartridges (which can otherwise be too dry for my tastes). Either one is a great choice for your cartridge IMO.

edgewear, Wouldn't it be more fair or accurate to say that you are the one who prefers one or the other mode of phono amplification with this or that cartridge?  (Rather than to say that the cartridge prefers a particular sort of voltage gain.) Nothing wrong with that, but we are talking about personal preference, which is always unchallengeable.  Similarly, the OP may prefer a particular SUT vs using his high gain phono stage, and that's OK too, but apart from helping him to choose a "good" one, no one of us can say what particular SUT flavor he will like.

This is just great to hear from all of you. I’m pretty certain that I’ll go with a Bob’s Devices Sky 20, which has a selector switch for 2 gain settings.

For cabling, what would be your recommendations. I’ll keep my existing cables from the table and connect them to the SUT, but what about from the SUT to the phono pre? These will only have to be 18” or less.

All connections are RCA.

Dear @fundsgon  :  Can you explain which are your targets to " introduce " a SUT+cables+input/output connectors and solder joints additionals im that PS Audio phono stage?  is it because you are a MUSIC lover or maybe just for fun?

In the past how many times did you listen an Ortofon Cadenza in an active high gain SS phono stages along SUT's? and know what are you looking for? what do you not like on that Stellar phono unit?


Thank's in advance,


@fundsgon As a person who really enjoys music, I get the bulk of my musical encounters from the Radio/CD used in my Vehicle.

To extend my enjoyment of music and fit into the usual practices within the home and share time in a room in the Company of loved family, who love to make time for musical encounters, much of the musical encounters is supplied through Alexia.

As an individual with a long term interest in audio and having a decent sized collection of Hard Media, I have across many years, put together a dedicated set of devices to enable a decent level of quality for the periods that are spent replaying the Hard Media music collection. All devices used above are merely Tools to enable a experience of a musical encounter. Each has the capability of creating a stimulation that is enjoyable, otherwise why keep revisiting/exposing oneself to the different experiences.

My advice is enjoy your musical encounters, your first attraction to music, as well as one that set you on the journey of discovering audio, was most likely discovered on what could be called a Low Fi Device. Enjoy the experiences of finding out how there are other methods to be used in your audio interest, for you to experience your Hard Media Music Collection.