Step Up Transformer

I’m thinking of inserting a SUT into my system, and at this point the SKY20 from Bobs Devices seems to have it. Does anyone have experience with this SUT? It will be connected to Cadenza Black and either a McIntosh C70 or a PS Audio Stellar.


@dover stated "In terms of best, the problem is that there is no best, it so much depends on the cartridge/sut/phono combination."

This is one way to describe a overview based on experiences encountered.

It also is quite aligned to a how a Sales Person addresses a situation with a Customer. It is about Products and then the Best Product.

Another way to describe this, is that in many cases an individual has built a system that is accurately aligned to presenting in a manner that is aligned to their unique preferences for how a sonic is perceived.   

If the individual is to add to their system other ancillaries that can impact on the signal produced, and hence, the sonic produced. There is no best, there is only the item that has proved most satisfactory to suit their needs.

Very Very rarely is it seen that a individual with a obvious passion for audio, has the same equipment as another sharing a similar passion. Never would an individual with this leaning toward audio, build a system solely based on another's preferences. There is always the likelihood ancillaries used by others are able to become a curiosity and something to be experienced.

Dear @dover  : " Much more important than loading in my view is getting the gain structure right so you have the optimum voltage going into the phono.  "

I agree with that statement. My Denon AU-1000 hast a gain ratio 1:11.5 and I used with every kind of LOMC characteristics and works just fine.

Yes, a SUT has its own " colorations " because noting is perfect but the critical issue , other that its gain,  belongs to its really limited frequency range at both frequency ends against an active high gain stage. This objective characteristic speaks by it self of the real quality level in the SUT design. The today manufactures ( not all like Audio Tecchnica ) I think know that critical issue and normally they posted in their site NOTHING about and only the gain ratios but there is a way more critical issue and that's that the customers truly do not cares about and this is a true problem that goes in favor of the SUT manufacturers. I could  think that maybe you already measured the Altec 4629 FR .



So I just took delivery of the new Revolver release, the one where AI was used to separate instruments from vocals. The difference between this 2022 release and the original is not subtle. I love it. I also realized after a few day of listening that I don’t need a SUT. my system sounds really fine. 

Thanks for all of your input and the discussions/debates.


ps: I bought that LP recently and don’t care for it. To me it sounds too much like a CD. 

@fundsgon I have a what today would be classed as a obsolete technology that has been embedded in to recording, which is known as Q Sound.

Did it improve the Album, well no, did it enable a Recording Engineer plenty of scope to toy with the Stereo Soundstage and place some very unusual effects, well yes it did in spades.

I have Q Sound Recording that are my favourites of all owned recordings, not much can generate the experience Q Sound can. The Soundstage becomes huge, o is the Recording Engineer playing with the end user and creating the perception of a large spacious voluminous sound.

The enjoyment of audio is another avenue of entertainment, so why not make it entertaining beyond the normal methods encountered.

AI is capable and going to become even more capable because of the support it has generated.

What is certain is that both Q Sound enhancement and AI enhancement are not dependent on a SUT/Head Amp, Off Board Gain Module or Phon's costing £30ish K, to thoroughly enjoy what the recording is capable off.

Until next time, Enjoy your equipment.