Stephen Stills

The new disc, Live At Berkeley 1971 is out now.   I got it yesterday and it's on repeat.  I am biased I am sure, but I think he is one of the best singers, songwriters, musicians of my generation.  Plus he plays Sugar Babe on this disc, a favorite of mine, from SS2.


Thank’s for the tip. I am listening to it now, Qobuz. Funny, I just finished listening to the version from Four Way Streets.

It is enjoyable. The sound quality not quite as good as 4 Way Street, but still great. It is great to have another album where they were sober enough to perform… there were so few.


The album really takes me back… 

Love the music from all of the members of CSNY (Neil Young outside of a string of crappy albums such as The Monsanto Years where he was more concerned about making statements than quality albums/songs). Saw the frenetic Stephen Still at the Ogden Theater (Denver) many years ago. Neil Young’s now ex-wife opened. His microphone sat all by itself with a wide berth around it so he could move around like Joe Cocker. He put on an incredible show. Then saw CSN at Red Rocks in 2012 (album CSN 2012). That was a magical show. We felt like we were the youngest people there (almost 40). My favorite cut was when everyone cleared off the stage aside from David Crosby, on a elevated platform at the far right of the stage with a full moon over his head and the Denver skyline in the background, and he belted out “Almost Cut My Hair” while playing his acoustic guitar. That show, and particular this moment, were hypnotic for both myself and my wife. So glad I got to see them all together. Their harmony is second to none! 

"Hey, Knives, this is Stephen StillsHe's the talent." -Scott Pilgrim


That movie is chalked full of CSNY jokes/references and in this case, musical fact.