Stephen Stills

The new disc, Live At Berkeley 1971 is out now.   I got it yesterday and it's on repeat.  I am biased I am sure, but I think he is one of the best singers, songwriters, musicians of my generation.  Plus he plays Sugar Babe on this disc, a favorite of mine, from SS2.


SS has definitely written a lot of good music.

My favorite SS track is "4 and 20" from the "Deja Vu" album. It’s a simple, haunting song written by SS and performed by him exclusively. When he played it for CN & Y, they were awe-struck, saying it was perfect as-is and no contribution from them could make it any better, so it remained a rare solo effort on a CSN & Y album.

It was a favorite of mine when it was released and remains so today.

I had the album "Stephen Stills 2" in my youth. I played the daylights out of it. Some entertainers work really hard for their fans. Stephen just plain oozed talent. A very gifted man.

@bigtwin NY and SS are both very talented….bur “For What its Worth” will always be a knockout punch in a head to head.

I’m a SS fan.  But often wonder what the Hollies would have produced if GN would have stayed with them?

Funny I saw the title and said, No, he's died too? Then I sighed of relief. I've been listening to Long May You Run the last few days and find myself loving Stephen more and more. At least on this album his songs are the best.