Stepping into streaming, finally

As the title states finally I have gotten into streaming realm. Wanted ethernet streamer connectivity and started with Wiim feeding Denafrips Venus II 12th then into Pathos Inpol Remix and finally to Sonus Faber Venere. Well, I was not thrilled with the sound quality not to mention lack of cooperation from Wiim with pure ethernet path. Tried Bluesound Node, small steps. No dice with Node either. Came across EarMen Stacatto with exclusive ethernet connectivity and no DAC built in, exactly what I needed, very few reviews but took a chance. Well, all the boxes of my needs checked, with sound quality matching CDs, transported by Jay's Audio CDT2 MK3. I think that says a lot. Very satisfied, expectations exceeded.


you should check your Tidal settings...even though you paid for highest tier, Tidal settings have 3 tiers to choose from, and you need to select the highest tier there..,it’s not automatic based on your subscription...sometimes people temporarily choose a lesser tier when signal is weak or there are data issues...Spotify should not sound nearly as good as top tier Tidal...checking this just now, I saw that the Tidal on my computer was set to lowest tier !!!

I was asking whether or not you were streaming using tidal connect. Or were you using Bluetooth?


bondmanp - that's just a filter there. 

This is about cascading Cisco switches. Ethernet goes from the router to the Cisco. The Finisar transceiver goes into the gigabit port on the right. A fiber optical cable is connected to the transceiver and runs (3 meters in my case) to another Cisco switch.

Another Finisar transceiver into that second Cisco switch where the fiber optical cable connects. Then a short ethernet cable out to the streamer. 

@audphile1 Tidal, as well as Spotify, were streamed through Staccato. So, it was Tidal connect. Right?

Tidal Connect is only used from the Tidal App as opposed to your streamers app or something like MConnect