stereo amps and preamps for rent,what do you think

hi my fellow audiogoners i am thinking of starting a very interesting new will set the audio world on fire.i want to start a renting audio this will include amps preamps dacs and cd player.but before i start investing i would like your you think it is a good idea and will you want to rent stereo seems logical to me because i buy quite a bit of stuff and it does not suit my needs.i think a lot of you would agree.also you get to see if the piece is right for you.

What and where are these two stores in Portland?? I am visiting there in September and would love to checkthem out.

I would love it, but I don't see it flying as a viable business. On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice if many more manufacturers kept a component or two for test rental purposes. Of course, many manufacturers could do this but don't since the reality of the component often does not live up to its marketing and reviews. But, for those who really are confident in their product it would be a wonderful service.
As others have said, interesting idea, but......I work in the video field and I know a lot of companies which have rental departments. Here's a reference from the video world: a 2000 ANSI lumen LCD projector, sell price of about $2000.00, will rent for about $100.00 a day, $450.00 a week, $1500.00 a month. A 6000 ANSI lumen LCD projector, sell price $7500.00, will rent for about $250.00-$350.00 a day, $1000.00 to $1600.00 per week, $3000.00 to $4000.00 per month. Now these are estimated but realistic figures. These are the dollars you would have to charge to be profitable. I think these prices would transfer to your rental business as amps and preamps easily approach the $6000.00 level. Your inventory would be tremendously expensive. You need to have a repair department, a shipping receiving department, someone to handle the paperwork, plenty of storage, etc. Will people pay these rates (and more) for equipment? What would people pay for equipment? If you had any given $7000.00 preamp, what would the market bear for a daily rental? Let the Audiogon members help you.

The cable company charges 5% of the retail price plus shipping both ways. That 5% is put towards the price of a cable or other item if you buy it. Your percentage may have to vary but this may give you a view of how to charge. A good reliable way to try say amps or preamps to start may work, just some ideas. Good luck and keep thinking.
If cable co charges 5% plus shipping, then I think you would have to at least double that to cover damages. In some ways, isn't that what Audiogon is all about? A larger initial investment, but then resell and take a small loss aka rental charge?