Stereo image off-center

I have a ask. I have used Diana Krall's - A Case Of You (Live) from the Live In Paris album as one of my test tracks (for some weird reason). If streamed from Qobuz or Spotify, Diana's vocals are clearly on right side in my system. I have also the Analogue Production's vinyl version of the album in which Diana's voice in middle. I'm wondering if there is something weird in my system, so it would be nice to hear where is your Diana in your system?


Streaming from Qobuz thru Roon with my own room correction convolution filters, Diana vocals across the center with piano splashing across from right to left...

REW can help get your speaker placement 100% correct which makes all the difference... And custom room correction is the icing on the cake...

I wonder which side of the groves are L and R with vinyl and if there is anything slightly off there? 

Thanks @macg19 @mcroth @ddude003 for testing. 
For me vinyl is dead center as well, but Qobuz and Spotify through dac are a bit to right. I have tried swapping interconnects, phase settings (dac & amp). Those have no impact on the off-center vocals.  

Yes, the streaming version seems to have some tracks balanced just a little to the right. You also hear this on the applauses. Great uptempo numbers as well with fine dynamics. Won’t change any settings :)