Stereo power amp for $10k

Please help choosing a good stereo power amp to put between Marantz AV7702 and Morel Sopran speakers (4 ohm, sensitivity 91.5dB, nominal power 250W).
Main criteria: good audio quality, warm & deep sound, listening mostly to instrumental music and vocal in low-mid volume.
So far shortlisted to three options, all around $10k:
1) Pass Labs - either X150.8 or X250.8
2) Krell Duo 175 or 300
3) Burmester 956 mkII

Which one of the three would you recommend? Anything better with similar spec and in the same price range?
Isn't that a bit of a weird mismatch in performance between the $2k Marantz AV preamp and a $10k amp and your $12k Morel speakers?
Yes, I agree. It's basically part of a larger system which is a hybrid of stereo and home cinema 5.0 sharing the AV proc and front amp/speakers.
But the speakers and AV are given, now need to put the right amp. What price range would sound more logical here? Can you give some example of the amp matching the performance?
Consider a Modwright 150SE, a very great sounding amp with some warmth and plenty of power to drive, most, speakers loads, without any strain.