Stereo power amp for $10k

Please help choosing a good stereo power amp to put between Marantz AV7702 and Morel Sopran speakers (4 ohm, sensitivity 91.5dB, nominal power 250W).
Main criteria: good audio quality, warm & deep sound, listening mostly to instrumental music and vocal in low-mid volume.
So far shortlisted to three options, all around $10k:
1) Pass Labs - either X150.8 or X250.8
2) Krell Duo 175 or 300
3) Burmester 956 mkII

Which one of the three would you recommend? Anything better with similar spec and in the same price range?
Thanks a lot for you suggestions.
You all were absolutely right - Marantz AV7702 / AV8801 are way lower in terms of quality for such system.
Currently considering to go with either Classe SSP-800 + CA-2300 , or Krell Foundation with 4k support + Duo 300.
Listened to Classe so far, amazing sound, trying to understand their plans for 4K support...
Raraavis, I'm really interested to see where your search leads you now. Classe makes some fantastic gear

Please let us know you impression