stereo review magazine

any thoughts on the old 'stereo review' magazine!! i've read them since the early 70's to their end!!!
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I've been on the same path that others here have trod. Used to read Stereo Review and then discovered Stereophile Magazine and my eyes were opened and my wallet was emptied.
Stereo Review wasn't bad, but Stereophile has really gone downhill. I have yet to see any of my equipment reviewed in their mag.The reccomended products never seem to change much from year to year.They seem to have their favorites .
For the beginner, Stereo Review was a good primer. Of course, it's main purpose was to sell ads, and to get freebies for the testers. I even blame them for the newer measurements manufactorers started using, "Power at 100cps, one channel driven", rather than full range with extreme frequency rolloff db's, etc. I don't remember their ever writing about damping factor or interactions of amps with the motor effects of moving speaker drivers.
I read SR from the late '70s to the end-of-the-line. But along the way, I figured out that when it came to audio, subjectivity rules, at least in the buyer/user side of the house (though not for mfr/designer). I wasn't getting anywhere when I followed numbers & stats; but when I started following my ears, all the good stuff started to happen.

(of course it also took buckets of $$$ -- even buying used)