stereo review magazine

any thoughts on the old 'stereo review' magazine!! i've read them since the early 70's to their end!!!
ecscott, Thanks for posting the link to all those past SR and High Fidelity stereo magazines! How did you get them all? I saw a few and downloaded. Great. Memories, wow!
What is IAR?
Ahh,  International Audio Review.  The best audio publication I ever read.  J. Peter Moncrieff was a genius and I learned more about audio from him than anyone.  He not only reviewed equipment but explained why it sounded like it did.  He was in the forefront on polypropylene capacitors and wire, etc.   He occasionally included some writeups by Enid Lumley who was considered a nut by many, but was way ahead of most others.  He used to print his Hotlines on red paper so it could not be easily photo copied.  He stopped publishing for awhile and then went on line, but by then I had walked away from audio in frustration because I was spending my money, time and effort on things that appeared to do nothing.  I have learned since that my system was just not reveling enough.   I don't know if he is still around or not, but I still have all my IAR hotlines.  This hobby could use more people like him.



I meant to post this two years ago, but life intervened.  If you go to the thread below it will take you to a month by month, year by year listing of Stereo Review (from beginning to end).  But that is only a scratch on this site; if you go to the banner heading Technical and then down to the section on "Audio" you will find a dozen or so of our past magazaines.  And other sections of the site (explore) contain Allied and Radio Shack and Lafayette and Heath catalogs.  Literally weeks of exploration to do if you want to reread articles, re-visit old ads, read early reviews of some now seminal recordings, etc.  I've revisited it many times over the last decade, and always find something new and interesting.  Dig in and have fun.