stereo system under 6K

here you go guys...a suggestion on which amplifier/pre-amp/speaker and speaker cable and cd player and dont forget interconnect you can put together under 6K..(this is for those not to rich to burn thousand of dollars)
This is not going to be a standard recommendation. 1)CD player - CEC TL5100Z ($800, 2)Amplification-AudioLab(pre/power combo, $2000, or SIMaudio Moon integrated (demo.,$2000) 3)Loudspeakers-Michael Green Design Classic 60 ($2250,, 4)Cables-Cardas Cross.
Musical fidelity Integrated, Musical fidelity Cd player (The current new model) -- $2000 Totem Model 1's or Coincident Triumphs Sigs Or Linn Tukans --- $1500, $1000, $ 800 + Rel Q100e Sub ($900) Vampire wire CCC-II interconnects $75 pair, St-III speaker wire $200 8 ft biwire All for a whole lot less than $6000 Retail. Or if you want to spend more money (closer to $6000) get a second Musical fidelity amp and Bi-amp (+1000 and 200 for speaker wire). Used is 30% less or more.
Magnaplanar 1.6 QR speakers ($1475), Bryston 3B st amp ($1565), Wadia 830 CD player ($3200?), Belden wire cables and interconnects. Just over $6K, CD player drives amp directly. Sounds pretty good to me.