Stereo Tube amp driving r/l Tweeters ?

Hello All.
I currently iuse a stereo Tube power amp to drive left and right channels of a biwire set of speakers .
I have a spare stereo tube amp which Id like to use in the system .

My Question to those that know >
Can I use one amp to drive left and right tweeters and the other amp to drive the bass units of right and left speakers ?
The power amps are connected through the Front pre output right and left of a Marantz NR1509 thats the only pre outputs it has .
 Would I use a y phono connector on each output ?

Thanks in advance Tilt .
What you're describing is biamplification. What kind of speakers do you have? You'll need a speaker system capable of separating the HF from the LF drivers, and not all speaker systems offer that.
Assuming the crossover sections can be separated: Are the amps identical? If not: I wouldn’t biamp with them. If so: Yes, to the Y connectors. Happy listening!
What you intended to do is passive horizontal bi-amping, if using two different stereo tube amp, you need a volume control for gain matching if both amp has different gain.

If both stereo tube amp are identical, vertical bi-amping is better, you can use one amp to drive Right speaker tweeter and woofer, use the other amp to drive Left speaker.

A 'Y' interconnect cable should work in most case.
Hi Thanks to you all .

Yes exactly the same Amps with single volume control each > going to Biwire WHARFEDALE REVA 3 speakers .

Its actually the better halfs choice , she says the long tv unit looks unbalanced with the single valve amp at the left hand side .
Yes I know Im weak .
As I say many thanks to you all for your help/advice . Tilt