Stereophile and the love of hotel decor

I often appreciate the Stereophile review of industry shows but one thing that always bothers me is the choice of images. They often lead with a full-system image which is usually 80% hotel curtains and rugs.  That is, there's a speaker in the left, the system in the middle and another speaker on the right.  That's fine but if you look at the image as a whole, the area of the image that is covered by gear is about 20% or less.  The rest is invariably 1980's hotel curtains and rugs.

Once you see it that way there’s no going back, your eyes see the curtains and rugs forever.

I really wish they’d focus on more interesting close-ups or even montages.



I'll admit that I do have a soft spot for 70's/80's Howard Johnson's carpet

... but does your room smell like fried clams????????

Comes as a package deal. Writers/reporters often scramble with limited time prior, during, and after the show aka not much interest to further change the pics.

Those color photo costs why take three photos when one gets them all even if curtain and rug are included.