Stereophile claims about Magico

Stereophile claims Magico has revolutionized loudspeaker design. All I see is standard design. Only 1 thing is slightly new, carbon nano tubes the carbon fiber cones already been done, aluminum cabinets been done. The driver array 1 tweeter 1 mid 2 woofers been done to death. The way magico attaches drivers old as the hills Ive got 50 year old loudspeakers that mount simlar. The way he designs crossovers is fairly standard. So whats the revolution the nano carbon tubes? Or just another bold claim on mag cover to sell issues.
Shadorne: In a world with me too speaker boxes built in China and me too drivers cheaply built and mass produced in Northern Europe perhaps Magico is actually REVOLUTIONARY.

Perhaps Magico was designed in the USA in 1776. :)
It's clear from the review that the speakers were not the be all and end all, Magico was welcomed in to the field as a new player.

I think it's interesting to watch reviewers move through the various price levels over the years. They get more and more expensive gear as time goes by, and they get less relevant over time due, mainly, to the fact that they're reviewing stuff most of us consider "ridiculously priced", either because we really do feel that way or because we can never afford it.

Reading JV in TAS talk about his latest "this is the greatest thing since sliced bread" speaker is comical at this point. JS used to be this way, but thankfully found another career to veer into. And then you get his review on the V2 version of the same speaker and it, not surprisingly, goes to whole new levels and costs another several thousand bucks. What!?!?! How is this an experience any of us can leverage?

Whatever. Good entertainment, but for the most part pretty useless for really identifying "revolutionary".
I tend to drink the Kook-Aid at these things, but I have been to two Magico demos featuring Alon Wolff and left both times feeling that the price of the Minis is not out of line given the engineering and parts in them. The crossovers alone are something to behold, He's a very impressive guy. Plus I like the speakers.