Stereophile claims about Magico

Stereophile claims Magico has revolutionized loudspeaker design. All I see is standard design. Only 1 thing is slightly new, carbon nano tubes the carbon fiber cones already been done, aluminum cabinets been done. The driver array 1 tweeter 1 mid 2 woofers been done to death. The way magico attaches drivers old as the hills Ive got 50 year old loudspeakers that mount simlar. The way he designs crossovers is fairly standard. So whats the revolution the nano carbon tubes? Or just another bold claim on mag cover to sell issues.
I listened to these and was underwhelmed--poor price to performance. I like the new floorstanding KEF and Pioneer speakers--at a third the price. Don't know the production problems detailed above--demoed the TADs at the Pioneer store at South Coast Plaza mall in Orange County and was impressed at their smooth mid-range sound and crystal clear sonics. I listened to the new KEFs side by side next to the Magico and thought they ran rings around them. I would pocket cash in a minute.
Wow reading some of these responses makes me wonder. Is the Magico V3 the new Wilson WP? You know the speaker everyone "hates" but everyone want to build one like it? My point is if you don't like the speaker fine, buy something else. This is why there are tons of speaker companies. There isn't one speaker for everyone. I agree with Dhaan, trashing the speaker is crazy. We could go on and on trashing gear we don't like. But what will that solve? Do I think the Magico are revolutionary, I don't know because I have never heard them. I do like all the buzz they are getting because this is what this hobby needs. We need something to come along and stir all of us up. Now if we could just get "normal" people to have this kind of passion. But that is another thread.
You are right on the money. We need some excitement in this hobby ASAP . BTW, SP and TAS are not alone. I just came back from Germany where, to my surprise, a review of the V3 in May Stereoplay issue was available at the airport magazine shop. My German is a bit weak but I could tell few things. Unlike the US “politically correct” magazines the Germans actually grade products. The V3 score is the highs score they have ever given to any loudspeaker! The article, which includes measurements, declare the V3 as a new reference. One of the most interesting thing about the speakers was the constant low distortion ratio vs. freq. measurements at different volume level. The V3 maintained the same low distortion % level, without any change in freq. response all the way from 85 to 100 db SPL. To me that is probably the most telling measurements you can have on a loudspeaker (To bad SP does not perform it).
The floorstander is worth 10-12k tops IMO...

If the cabinet was constructed in the same manner as the mini then MAYBE the asking price would be justifiable???