Stereophile, Pass Integrated and personal taste

Stereophile has reviewed another Pass product, the Int-25, and again I found the distortion signatures super interesting:

I wonder if it is possible that such a signature could be something some fall in love with and some are pushed away from?


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"NO REAL INTEREST IN" - I think that explains the lack of responses...
I find eric's posts to be very interesting. -Certainly not 'Flame Trolling'.

Looking at the review:
       'note that the second harmonic lies at a very low –86dB (0.005%).             Higher-order harmonics are virtually absent'
This would fall into the beliefs of Ralph Karsten-Atmasphere, a person who's opinion I trust implicitly.

Going further:
      'though the low-level power supply–related spuriae can be seen in             this graph. Both high-order intermodulation products and the                     second- order difference product with the INT-25 driving an equal             mix of 19kHz and 20kHz tones at a peak level of 10W into 8 ohms             were very low in level'  
This goes a bit above my knowledge, and I would appreciate if you could break it down to my level. -If possible.
I don’t think this is a bad measuring amp, at all.

I am fascinated by how to make an amp that sounds great and is not neutral.

If an amp is not neutral, it’s going to appeal to some and not to others.

My favorite amps of all times measure super badly (CJ Premiere 8s) but if I had a pair and a room for them I’d die happy, but I can't imagine a Millennial listening to them and loving them.