Stereophile Profiles Carpets and Curtains again ....

Just a random pet peeve.

While I enjoy the Stereophile show coverage, I would be much happier if they'd stop taking these wall to wall pictures of curtains and carpets, which also include audio equipment.

That is all.

As long as there’s no proliferation of empty beer bottles and wine bottles I’m good. I abhor Helmholtz resonators used indiscriminately. 😬
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I suppose you didn't enjoy Art Dudley's pictures of shoes he used to post instead of the equipment at the various shows?☺
But the Rug ties the room together.  Just don't let some German guy take a pee on it!
If you have a carpeted floor you can show off your speaker cable risers. They are made from space age polymers and are impregnated with crystals that decrease the static electricity affecting your sound stage and imaging.  You probably need 4-6 risers per cable depending on your length, at a cost of $300 per riser.