Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers

We have had many discussions/arguments over tekton speakers in the past, mainly involving a couple posters who thought their $4000 tektons sounded better than the highest price Wilson’s and other high budget speakers.

In the latest Stereophile magazine, they did a review of the $30,000 tekton’s. In this Steteophile issue, they rate these $30,000 tekton’s as class B. When you look at the other speakers that are in the class B section, you will notice most of these speakers range in price from $5000-$8000. So it looks like you have to spend $30,000 on a pair of tekton’s to equal a pair of $5000 Klipsch Forte IV’s sound quality. 
If I compare these $30,000 class B tekton’s, to some of the class A speakers, there are some class A speakers for 1/2 the price (Dutch & Dutch 8C, Goldenear triton reference), or other class A speakers that are cheaper (Magico A5, Kef blade 2).




By the way I was under the impression that the Stereophile rating takes into consideration performance at the MSRP, what value does a product represent. I wouldn’t automatically assume that a $10,000 GoldenEar Stereophile Class A+ rated will outperform a $30,000 Class B rated speaker. This applies to any category. If anyone thinks they’re getting a performance of Chord DAVE from a $900 Polish OKTO dac8, I hate to poop on your parade but you’re living in a dream world. 

Tekton needs to sell but four pair of $30k speakers to bring in over $100k in revenue vs. 50-60 pair of $1500-2000 speakers. As much a business decision as an all out assault on world class engineering - 

I live in a dreamed world... for sure... 😁

In the real world people think that the performance of any piece of gear on paper equal a S.Q. that cannot be experienced without specific ears/brain with specific HTRF, in specific room , in specific electrical grid , with or without vibration resonance control, and specific speakers... (and there is even more factors i cannot list here )

Installation and optimization process matter more than a gear piece choice especially if they could be near one another in performance nevermind the difference in price... Price matter but way less than people think in their "real " commercial world...

I will stay in my dreamed world where price tag matter but way less than other factors...

And the Klipsch Forte IV’s will most likely sound better... and don't look like something out of a Daffy Duck cartoon