Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers

We have had many discussions/arguments over tekton speakers in the past, mainly involving a couple posters who thought their $4000 tektons sounded better than the highest price Wilson’s and other high budget speakers.

In the latest Stereophile magazine, they did a review of the $30,000 tekton’s. In this Steteophile issue, they rate these $30,000 tekton’s as class B. When you look at the other speakers that are in the class B section, you will notice most of these speakers range in price from $5000-$8000. So it looks like you have to spend $30,000 on a pair of tekton’s to equal a pair of $5000 Klipsch Forte IV’s sound quality. 
If I compare these $30,000 class B tekton’s, to some of the class A speakers, there are some class A speakers for 1/2 the price (Dutch & Dutch 8C, Goldenear triton reference), or other class A speakers that are cheaper (Magico A5, Kef blade 2).




Probably too soon for them to post the on-line review. The cabinets are reported as slightly smaller with better bracing.

I had Double Impacts before moving up to the Encores, which I’ve had now for 3 years. They are outstanding. I have also heard Moabs and Ulfs, which are impressive for sure, but I have to say I prefer the Encores. And unlike many other commenters, I think Tekton speakers look really cool, sort of space age and futuristic. 

I read the review- finally learned that all those tweeters are mostly a mid-range array. And I learned that the cabinets are .. no where near awesome.  I'll stick with Vandersteen.

Made in a garage with dozens of imported low end parts, butt ugly…but they sell. The name itself generates copious pages of free advertising good or bad. Someone is marketing and laughing all the way to the bank. So here today hopefully gone tomorrow ? 30,000 are you nuts ? Stack two old 901’s on a cheep 15” sub times two and you’ve arguably the same sound at definitely a fraction of the cost. 
News that’s laughable and fun for a change. 


"There is no doubt in my mind 5 out of 10 audiophiles would prefer the sound of a $5,200 pr. Moab over a $50K pr. of B&W 801 D4. The facts are Tekton Design is performing a valuable service to the audiophile community."

Forgot to mention I also don't care for the arrogance of the owner.