Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers

We have had many discussions/arguments over tekton speakers in the past, mainly involving a couple posters who thought their $4000 tektons sounded better than the highest price Wilson’s and other high budget speakers.

In the latest Stereophile magazine, they did a review of the $30,000 tekton’s. In this Steteophile issue, they rate these $30,000 tekton’s as class B. When you look at the other speakers that are in the class B section, you will notice most of these speakers range in price from $5000-$8000. So it looks like you have to spend $30,000 on a pair of tekton’s to equal a pair of $5000 Klipsch Forte IV’s sound quality. 
If I compare these $30,000 class B tekton’s, to some of the class A speakers, there are some class A speakers for 1/2 the price (Dutch & Dutch 8C, Goldenear triton reference), or other class A speakers that are cheaper (Magico A5, Kef blade 2).




Doesn't make any difference to me who the manufacturer is.  Great reference caliber SQ is great reference caliber SQ.  If Tekton was able to pull it off, then Kudos to Tekton!!!    

Kennymacc.....It should,some speakers are easy to resell and others you have to give away.Personally as  I try lots of gear,stay away from stuff thats looks bad,sounds bad or just doesnt have good resell value.

I have heard other tekton’s in the past, their cheaper speaker than these $30,000 pair. I didn’t like the cheaper pair either. But the Tekton crew on agon was doing everything they could to promote the tektons as the best speaker out there for every situation, without ever hearing the tektons. Plus there were many posts by the tekton group on agon that claimed their tektons were better than the $1M Wilson’s without ever hearing the Wilson’s plus, Wilson’s don’t make a $1M speaker.

Responding to a post above indicating the $30k tektons are cheap compared to their competition, not even close. This poster asked for a short list, I can build a long list of speakers that have  much better sound quality than these $30k tektons. Stereophile listed a dozen speakers in this category that compared to the sound quality of the tektons and all of these were 1/5 to 1/2 the price of the tektons. Since I haven’t heard these $30k tektons, my list of speakers will blow away every speaker in the stereophile class b section: baby Magico, golden ear, all totem floorstanding speakers and their mani II, the revel BE series for 1/3 to 1/2 the price and the top level revels; the salon 2/studio 2 are light years ahead, magnapan 20.1/20.7, usher be10/be20 and their new td series, any Wilson duette and up, just to name a few.

I also hear a lot of people claim tektons sound good for the money. So were the Cerwin Vega speakers in the past. These speakers sounded terrible but a lot of people liked them because they could fill up the room with noise for parties. 

rbstehno, Eighteen product of the year awards and we only cater to audiophiles. How did that happen?! Respectfully, you don't know our sound and we've never produced a product that sounds or resembles anything like a Cerwin Vega.        


"Plus there were many posts by the tekton group on agon that claimed their tektons were better than the $1M Wilson’s"

Please, make a list of all the "MANY" Tekton owners who have made this claim. You can start by reviewing all the 5,680 posts on the Tekton DI thread.  That thread, unlike this one, was full of helpful advice from civil members who had a measure of respect for each other.

You and your flies are bent on tearing others down and spreading hate.  But hey, it's America.  

Cerwin vega........please.  You have absolutely no credibility.